Huawei to Switch to HarmonyOS, Ending Android App Support: Report

Huawei to Switch to HarmonyOS, Ending Android App Support: Report

Huawei is not solely focusing on hardware development in response to the U.S. trade ban but is also delving into software advancements with HarmonyOS Next, a new operating system that breaks away from Google's Android app support.

Huawei's Shift to HarmonyOS Next

A recent report by Nikkei Asia indicates that Huawei is poised to completely sever ties with Google's Android operating system this year, introducing HarmonyOS Next initially with the Huawei Mate 70 series smartphones.

Features and App Expansion

HarmonyOS Next boasts enhanced memory efficiency and on-device AI capabilities, but its success hinges on app availability. Presently hosting over 4,000 apps, including notable names like Alipay and McDonald's, Huawei aims to expand its library to 5,000 by the year's end and eventually reach 500,000 apps.

Market Impact and Growth

The positive reception of the Mate 60 series has spurred Chinese entities to collaborate with Huawei in app development for HarmonyOS Next. With successful launches of the Nova 12 series and the Huawei Pura 70 series, Huawei is predicted to sell 10 million Pura 70 handsets this year by TechInsights, with expectations of the Mate 70 series boosting sales further and reclaiming Huawei's position atop China's smartphone market.

WeChat, a widely-used messaging app in China with a vast user base, holds substantial influence over the fate of HarmonyOS Next. Huawei's ability to garner support from major players like WeChat will be pivotal for the platform's sustainability within China.

If HarmonyOS Next flourishes, it could emerge as a formidable competitor to Apple's iOS and Google's Android, ushering in a three-way rivalry for smartphone dominance. Yet, challenges lie ahead, and the effectiveness of Huawei's navigation through these obstacles will only be revealed with time.

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