Vivo X100s Official Hands-On Images: See Them Here

Vivo X100s Official Hands-On Images: See Them Here

vivo's upcoming X100s smartphone is set to hit the market as the successor to the X100, boasting an upgrade to the Dimensity 9300 Plus chipset compared to its predecessor's Dimensity 9300. The company had previously announced that the X100s would have a slim profile of 7.8mm, distinguishing it in the current smartphone landscape. The latest hands-on images shared by vivo give a sneak peek into the design and aesthetics of the upcoming X100s.

Thinner Design for Enhanced User Experience

vivo's emphasis on the X100s' 7.8mm thickness highlights a notable shift in smartphone design trends. With flagship phones increasingly crossing the 8mm mark in thickness, manufacturers recognize the importance of sleek and slim profiles for user comfort. Contrasting with its predecessor, the X100, which measured 8.5mm thick, the X100s promises a more ergonomic and pleasant grip due to its thinner build.

Embracing Flat Display Trend

The X100s from vivo marks a departure from curved displays, aligning with a growing industry shift towards flat screens. Opting for a flat display serves a dual purpose by not only staying on-trend but also contributing to the device's overall slimness. In contrast, the previous model, the X100, featured a curved display. This strategic move positions the X100s within the contemporary design ethos while ensuring a comfortable and stylish user experience.

The official images released by vivo showcase the X100s in multiple color variants, providing a glimpse of the phone's rear camera setup and the placement of essential controls like the power and volume buttons on the right side.

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