Battery pack specifications for Vision Pro revealed, and to everyone's surprise, it continues to utilize the Lightning port

Battery pack specifications for Vision Pro revealed, and to everyone’s surprise, it continues to utilize the Lightning port

We now have more detailed information on the battery specifications for the Vision Pro headset, clearing up the initial ambiguity of the pre-order period that only provided general usage and video playback estimates.

Battery Specifications

The battery pack included with the Vision Pro headset has a capacity of 3,166 mAh. Despite its seemingly modest capacity considering the weight of the headset (353 grams), it operates at a high voltage of 13V 6A, surpassing the typical 3.8V voltage of phone batteries.

Equivalent Capacity

The higher voltage of the battery pack translates to an equivalent capacity of 9,440 mAh when compared to typical phone battery voltage. This essentially makes the Vision Pro headset comparable to a 10,000 mAh power bank, according to GSMArena.

Removable Connecting Cable

Contrary to initial impressions, the connecting cable between the battery pack and the headset is indeed removable. Journalist Ray Wong made an interesting discovery - the cable can be detached from the battery pack using a SIM ejector tool. This means that if the cable gets damaged, users can replace it individually without having to purchase an entirely new battery pack.

Lightning Port

Ray Wong's findings also reveal an interesting detail about the Vision Pro headset. Apple is still using a Lightning port for the proprietary headset and battery pack connecting cable. However, this version of the Lightning port is larger and features 12 pins, unlike the ones typically seen on iPhones. It is somewhat surprising that Apple has not moved away from its proprietary connector, especially considering the current pressure it's facing from the EU.

Non-Hot-Swappable Battery

It is important to note that the Apple Vision Pro battery is not hot-swappable. This means that disconnecting the cable while using the headset will effectively shut it down. Users will need to perform a fresh reboot when connecting a new battery pack.

Overall, the detailed information on the battery specifications of the Vision Pro headset provides clarity and valuable insights for potential buyers. The high voltage and equivalent capacity make it a powerful option, while the removable cable and Lightning port add convenience and compatibility. However, the non-hot-swappable feature should be considered when using the headset.

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