Another firmware update set to arrive for OnePlus Nord 3 within a week

Another firmware update set to arrive for OnePlus Nord 3 within a week

OnePlus Nord 3 Receives Firmware Update with January 2024 Android Security Patch

OnePlus has recently released a new firmware update for the OnePlus Nord 3, bringing the device up to speed with the latest Android Security Patch for January 2024. The update, identified as OxygenOS, is currently being rolled out to various regions worldwide, including India, Europe, and global variants.

Previous Update Paused Due to Issues

In addition to this new firmware update, the OnePlus Nord 3 India Variant had recently received another update with firmware version However, it appears that some issues arose with this previous update specifically on the India Variants. As a result, OnePlus has decided to pause the rollout of the OxygenOS firmware and make the new OxygenOS update available to all users instead.

Improved Security and Bug Fixes

The latest firmware update, OxygenOS, brings the OnePlus Nord 3 up to date with the January 2024 Android Security Patch. This ensures that users can enjoy enhanced security and protection against potential threats. Additionally, the update includes various bug fixes and improvements to further optimize the device’s performance and user experience.


OnePlus is gradually rolling out the OxygenOS firmware update for the OnePlus Nord 3. Users in India, Europe, and other global regions can expect to receive the update in the coming days. To check for the update manually, users can go to Settings > System > System Updates on their OnePlus Nord 3 devices.

It is recommended that users ensure their devices are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and have sufficient battery power before initiating the update process. OnePlus also advises users to backup their important data before installing the firmware update to prevent any potential data loss.

Stay tuned for further updates from OnePlus regarding any additional features or improvements that may be included in future firmware updates for the OnePlus Nord 3.

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