Certification for Starlink's WiFi 6 Router From FCC and IMDA Underway

Certification for Starlink’s WiFi 6 Router From FCC and IMDA Underway

Following its recent announcement about launching a “cellphone tower in space,” Starlink, the satellite communication and internet connectivity company owned by Elon Musk, is now focusing on a more grounded project. It seems that Starlink is working on developing a new WiFi 6 router, as revealed by certifications obtained from the IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) databases. Here are the details we have so far.

Certification Details

The IMDA certification disclosed that the new router carries the model number UTR-232 and is classified as a low-power WLAN device. On the other hand, the FCC listing confirmed that it will utilize the same wireless bands as other WiFi 6 routers. This indicates that the upcoming router will be compatible with existing WiFi 6 devices.

Features and Specifications

According to the FCC listing, the new Starlink WiFi 6 router will come equipped with two built-in LAN ports. In addition, it will include two power adapters, namely UTP-231L and UTP-232C. This suggests that the router will offer enhanced connectivity options for users.

Gen 3 Mesh Router

It is speculated that the UTR-232 WiFi 6 router is an upgraded version of the UTR-231 WiFi 6 router, which is considered a Gen 3 mesh router. The UTR-231 router is expected to serve as an accessory for existing Starlink customers, allowing them to boost their connectivity with Starlink’s coverage. This indicates that the new WiFi 6 router will provide improved performance and faster broadband speeds compared to the previous generation routers bundled with Starlink’s dish.

Benefits of WiFi 6

By upgrading to WiFi 6, users can expect not only faster broadband speeds but also improved energy efficiency on mobile devices and reduced bandwidth congestion. This means a more seamless and efficient internet experience for Starlink customers.


While these are all the details available at the moment, it is likely that Starlink will release more information about the new WiFi 6 router in the near future. As Starlink continues to innovate in the field of satellite communication and internet connectivity, the introduction of a WiFi 6 router further demonstrates their commitment to providing cutting-edge technology to their customers. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development from Starlink.

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