OPPO and OnePlus Predict AI-Focused Smartphones as Industry Trend

OPPO and OnePlus Predict AI-Focused Smartphones as Industry Trend

Oppo and OnePlus recently introduced the AI-powered ColorOS New Year Edition update. Liu Zuohu, OPPO's Senior Vice President and OnePlus founder, discussed the increasing importance of AI in mobile phones during an internal meeting. He highlighted that AI integration is not just a trend but a crucial industry development, projecting that other companies would likely follow suit in the next three months. A video obtained from Sina Technology revealed Liu Zuohu's insights and OnePlus's recent progress.

Oppo's Investment in OnePlus for AI Advancement

Oppo has disclosed plans to invest 10 billion Yuan in OnePlus to drive its AI advancements. They unveiled a self-trained gen AI model in September last year. Liu Zuohu emphasized OnePlus's impressive growth rates, notably experiencing a 40% year-on-year growth at the start of 2024. This growth aligns with OPPO's strategic investment in OnePlus, as announced during a dual-brand era declaration in 2022. By committing to inject 10 billion Yuan exclusively into OnePlus over the next three years, OPPO intends to strengthen OnePlus's technological progress, expand its channels, and enhance services.

Emphasis on AI Strategy and Future Developments

OPPO has placed a significant focus on AI, evident from the establishment of an AI center and a dedicated AI strategy conference in 2024. The company has even applied for trademarks such as "AndesGPT" and "AndesAI" for a new AI assistant last year. Liu Zuohu underlined that AI integration will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobile devices. Despite varying opinions in the industry regarding the practical importance of AI in smartphones, Liu Zuohu remains resolute in his belief in its transformative power.

Future Outlook and Core Strategies

Addressing doubts surrounding AI-centric smartphones, Liu Zuohu drew comparisons with Apple's expansion beyond its core products, indicating that embracing AI is an inevitable progression. He confidently predicted that skeptics would eventually adopt AI within three months as the industry trend solidifies. Looking forward, Liu Zuohu reiterated OnePlus's core strategy centered on product excellence and user satisfaction. He emphasized the company's dedication to innovation, striving to disrupt the industry with every product launch. While performance growth is significant, the primary focus remains on delivering exceptional products that resonate with consumers.

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