Exclusivity Makes POCO, iQOO, and Nothing the Popular Choices for Gen Z

Exclusivity Makes POCO, iQOO, and Nothing the Popular Choices for Gen Z

Generation Z and Their Preference for Brands

According to the 'India GenZ Smartphone Brands 2023' report by TechArc, Generation Z, the demographic cohort aged between 18 and 25 years, considers brand to be an important factor when purchasing a new smartphone. The report reveals that 60 percent of the youth prefer the brand, while 40 percent attribute their preference to the product itself.

The Influence of Brand on Gen Z Buyers

TechArc's report highlights several key findings regarding Generation Z's perspective on brands. 80 percent of respondents believe that knowing the brand ensures a positive experience, while 73 percent feel that not all brands reflect their personality. Additionally, 69 percent of respondents consider their brand preference as a way to become part of an exclusive club or community. On the other hand, when it comes to the product, Gen Z customers prioritize specifications, pricing, and design as deciding factors.

TechArc identifies POCO, iQOO, and Nothing as the top three smartphone brands that resonate with Generation Z. These brands offer exclusivity and are able to connect with the youth on a deeper level. POCO, iQOO, and Nothing achieve this at a brand level, while OnePlus and Realme succeed at a series level, specifically with the Nord and Narzo respectively. By creating youth-centric products, these brands are able to maintain their exclusivity. Xiaomi and Vivo have also found success by adopting sub-brands.

The Right Mix of Products and Brand Elements

In terms of brands that offer a combination of appealing products and strong brand elements, POCO emerges as the most popular choice among Generation Z. OPPO and OnePlus follow closely behind, ranking second and third respectively. Samsung and Apple secure the fourth and fifth positions.

Overall, this report emphasizes the significance of brands for Generation Z when it comes to purchasing smartphones. Understanding the preferences and aspirations of this demographic cohort is crucial for smartphone manufacturers in order to capture their attention and loyalty.

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