Apple Denies iPad-Mac Rivalry, Unveils Touchscreen MacBook Plans

Apple Denies iPad-Mac Rivalry, Unveils Touchscreen MacBook Plans

Apple recently introduced the iPad Pro 2024, which surprisingly features the new M4 chipsets. This comes even though the M3 processors are still less than a year old. The latest iPad Pro models seem almost excessively powerful given the constraints of iPadOS. Historically, Apple has promoted these iPads as viable laptop alternatives, causing a blurring of the lines between tablets and laptops. Unlike iPads, MacBooks do not offer touchscreens or the same level of versatility. Now, Apple's VP of iPad and Mac Product Marketing has discussed how the two devices compare and whether Apple plans to add touchscreen support to its laptops.

Apple Might Still Consider Touchscreen Macs

The new iPad Pro models undeniably outperform Macs, but they fall short due to iPadOS's lack of optimization. In a discussion with The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern, Apple VP Tom Boger compared the two devices. According to Boger, Apple views iPads and MacBooks as complementary rather than competitive. The iPad is designed primarily for touch interaction, whereas the Mac is intended for use with a keyboard, mouse, or trackpad.

When asked if Apple would introduce a touchscreen Mac, Boger clarified that iPads are designed for touch while Macs are not, due to the different computing paradigm offered by macOS. He noted that many users own both types of devices, using iPads to extend their work from Macs. Apple's Continuity feature further enhances this seamless integration.

Future Possibilities for Touchscreen MacBooks

Joanna Stern also inquired whether Apple might reconsider its stance on touchscreen MacBooks. Boger hinted at the possibility, stating, "Oh, I can’t say we never change our mind." This suggests that Apple has not entirely ruled out the idea of a touchscreen MacBook, even though it seems unlikely in the near term.

Previously, Mark Gurman reported that Apple is indeed working on a touchscreen MacBook with a potential release date set for 2025.

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