Nokia Phones Eligible for Android 15 Update

Nokia Phones Eligible for Android 15 Update

Nokia is known for providing a near-stock Android experience on its smartphones, allowing for minimal changes when Google releases a new Android OS version. This should ideally enable Nokia devices to receive software updates more quickly than other brands. However, in recent years, this hasn't been the case.

Nokia's recent performance in software rollouts hasn't been impressive, but there's always hope for better updates each year. If you possess a Nokia smartphone, you're likely curious if it will receive the Android 15 update, given the buzz around the new OS.

Likely Candidates for Android 15 Update

Here are the Nokia phones most likely to receive the Android 15 update:

  • Nokia XR21
  • Nokia X30
  • Nokia G60
  • Nokia G42

This list is not final and is based on Nokia's software update policy. We will update it when official information becomes available.

Typically, HMD Global, Nokia's owner, offers two major OS updates and two to three years of security updates for its smartphones. Unfortunately, this policy doesn't extend to budget and entry-level phones, which rarely receive Android OS updates.

Android 15 Rollout Timeline

Android 15 is currently in development, with several developer previews and beta builds available for testers. According to Google's official timeline, the beta phase will last until June 2024, followed by a platform stability phase for final tweaks and bug fixes.

While there's no official release date for Android 15 yet, it is expected to launch around the same time as last year, likely in October. It will probably be unveiled alongside the Pixel 9 series, which will be the first to run the new OS out-of-the-box.

However, based on past performance, it's unlikely that HMD Global will start rolling out the new OS in October. For instance, Android 14 was released in October last year, but HMD Global only began its rollout in January this year.

Exciting Features in Android 15

Android 15 promises a host of exciting features, making it a more substantial upgrade than Android 13 and Android 14. Here are some major features discovered so far:

  • Circle to Search: This feature allows you to search anything on your screen by drawing a circle around it. Initially available on the Galaxy S24 series, it was later adopted by the Pixel 8 series and may now be supported by all Android 15 devices.
  • Satellite Connectivity Support: Enables text messaging even without cell towers, as long as you have access to the open sky. This feature supports SMS apps and preinstalled RCS apps, not just for emergencies.
  • On-Device AI Capabilities: Announced during Google I/O 2024, these capabilities will be part of Android 15, though specific uses are yet to be revealed.
  • Find My Phone Network: With this, all Android 15 phones can help locate lost devices by pinging each other via Bluetooth. The nearby devices contribute to a network that helps find the lost device by uploading encrypted location details to Google’s servers.
  • Gemini Assistant: Android 15 will replace Google Assistant with Gemini as the default assistant on all devices running the new OS.
  • App Archiving: This feature allows you to uninstall apps while retaining user data, making it easier to pick up where you left off upon reinstallation. Unlike the current app archiving feature available through the Play Store, Android 15 will extend this capability to apps installed outside the Play Store.
  • Notification Cooldown: Designed to prevent notification overload, this feature reduces the volume of successive notifications from the same app.
  • Partial Screen Sharing: Users can share and record a single app instead of the entire screen, a feature already available on Pixel devices and now extended to all Android 15 devices.
  • High-Quality Webcam: Android 15 introduces a high-quality webcam mode that significantly enhances video quality by disabling power optimizations, although it results in increased battery drain.

Which Nokia smartphone do you own, and what are your expectations for Android 15? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out our Android 15 section for the latest news about the new OS.

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