Nvidia and MediaTek to Develop ARM-based AI SoC, Rumors Suggest

Nvidia and MediaTek to Develop ARM-based AI SoC, Rumors Suggest

Nvidia and MediaTek's potential collaboration has stirred excitement in the tech world. A recent leak hints at a surprising partnership between these two giants, suggesting they are co-developing an ARM-based system-on-chip (SoC) tailored for artificial intelligence applications. But there's more! The whistleblower, XpeaGPU, has added another thrilling detail: Nvidia might be targeting the handheld gaming market with its own ARM-based SoC.

The Upcoming Switch 2 May Feature an Enhanced Tegra CPU

XpeaGPU reveals that MediaTek is working on a next-gen gaming handheld SoC that will incorporate Nvidia’s powerful graphics processing capabilities. This revelation has already caught the attention of several Chinese manufacturers, who have shown interest in the chip. XpeaGPU clarifies that this SoC is a distinct project, separate from other collaborations between the two companies.

Nvidia has prior experience in the handheld gaming space. They previously entered the market with the Tegra SoC-powered Shield console. Interestingly, the widely popular Nintendo Switch also uses the same Nvidia chipset. Currently, AMD dominates the home console market, with their chips powering most handheld devices, including the Steam Deck.

Rumors of a New Switch 2

Speculation suggests that a potential Switch 2 might feature an upgraded Tegra SoC, offering graphics performance comparable to the GeForce RTX 2050. However, the real game-changer would be Nvidia developing an entirely new SoC specifically for handheld gaming.

The most fascinating aspect of this rumor is Nvidia’s choice of partner. Instead of collaborating with the usual high-end SoC leader, Qualcomm, they have chosen MediaTek. This unexpected alliance has gamers and tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipating further developments and Nvidia’s potential comeback in the handheld gaming market.

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