Xreal Introduces the Air 2 Ultra: AR Glasses That Align with Apple's Vision Pro

Xreal Introduces the Air 2 Ultra: AR Glasses That Align with Apple’s Vision Pro

Xreal Unveils Air 2 Ultra AR Glasses at CES 2024

Xreal, a prominent player in the AR glasses market, has recently introduced its latest product, the Air 2 Ultra, at CES 2024. With the highly anticipated launch of Apple’s Vision Pro on the horizon, it is clear that Xreal aims to compete in the high-end AR market.

Advanced Features for Enhanced User Experience

The Air 2 Ultra boasts two 3D sensors with advanced computer vision capabilities. This enables users to interact with real-world objects and manipulate them in a digital space. The possibilities are endless, with potential applications including 3D object manipulation, virtual furniture placement, and immersive gaming experiences.

Comfortable and Stylish Design

In terms of design, the Air 2 Ultra resembles stylish sunglasses, ensuring comfort during extended wear. Weighing in at just 80 grams, these AR glasses feature adjustable temples and three nose pad sizes, allowing users to achieve a snug fit.

Cutting-Edge Technology

What sets the Air 2 Ultra apart is its use of titanium frames and Sony’s Micro OLED panels. Each eye enjoys a Full HD display with a 52-degree field of view and an impressive 42 pixels per degree, surpassing the sharpness of Apple’s Vision Pro. Xreal claims that users can project a virtual 154-inch screen onto their surroundings.

With a refresh rate of 120Hz and a brightness of 500 nits, the display is also suitable for outdoor use. Additional features include auto-dimming lenses for an immersive experience, directional audio for privacy, and voice interaction.

External Processing Power Requirement

It is important to note that unlike standalone headsets, the Air 2 Ultra requires external processing power from a smartphone, computer, or Xreal’s Beam module. While this makes the device lighter and potentially more affordable, with a price tag of $699, it also means that users will need compatible devices to provide the necessary processing power.

Mainly Intended for Developers

Xreal has stated that the Air 2 Ultra is primarily targeted towards developers. At launch, there may not be a wide range of AR content available, and the software development kit (SDK) is expected to receive significant upgrades in the coming months.


With the introduction of the Air 2 Ultra, Xreal aims to establish its presence in the high-end AR market. The AR glasses offer advanced features, a stylish design, and cutting-edge technology, making them an attractive option for developers and AR enthusiasts alike. While the requirement for external processing power may be a limitation for some, the Air 2 Ultra’s competitive pricing of $699 makes it an appealing alternative to Apple’s rumored $3,499 Vision Pro. As AR technology continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Xreal and other players in the market shape the future of augmented reality.

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