Xiaomi Unveils New Ice Glass Color for Redmi K70 Ultra

Xiaomi Unveils New Ice Glass Color for Redmi K70 Ultra

Xiaomi has introduced an eye-catching “Ice Glass” color variant for its Redmi K70 Ultra. This new design features a high-quality build, incorporating a metal frame and a curved glass back, aimed at striking a perfect balance between aesthetics, tactile experience, and durability.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Xiaomi claims that the K70 Ultra offers an unparalleled gaming experience, setting new benchmarks in the industry. The company highlights three key aspects: top performance benchmarks, optimal frame rate/energy efficiency in specific games, and the longest duration for combining high frame rate and super-resolution technologies.

Powerful Specifications

Rumors suggest that the phone will house a MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ chip, achieving an impressive AnTuTu score of over 2.22 million. This ensures seamless gameplay, even for graphically intensive games like “Genshin Impact” at 1.5K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. Another standout feature is the display. The K70 Ultra is expected to be the first device with a “new generation 1.5K flagship straight screen,” offering “the best dark light eye protection in the industry” and a minimized screen border for a more immersive viewing experience.

The Redmi K70 Ultra is speculated to come with a 1.5K+ resolution display with a 144Hz refresh rate by Huaxing Optoelectronics, a 5500mAh battery with 120W fast charging, a metal middle frame with a glass back cover, a Light Hunter 800 primary camera paired with 8MP and 2MP companion lenses (powered by Xiaomi Image Brain), IP68 dust and water resistance, an 0809 vibration motor, and a short-throw fingerprint sensor.

Xiaomi Unveils New Ice Glass Color for Redmi K70 Ultra
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