Asus ROG Tessen Foldable Mobile Controller Launches in China

Asus ROG Tessen Foldable Mobile Controller Launches in China

Asus introduced its ROG Tessen mobile controller in May, showcasing a distinctive foldable design, RGB lighting effects, and compatibility with the majority of Android phones. The controller is now available in China for 599 yuan (approximately $82). Let’s delve into its main specifications.

Key Features of the ROG Tessen Mobile Controller

The ROG Tessen Feng stands out with its foldable design, making it more portable compared to traditional bulky controllers. It folds neatly into a compact form that can easily fit into a bag or pocket.

This gaming controller is equipped with rubber support pads that can adjust to different phone case thicknesses, ranging from 7mm to 14.5mm, ensuring a secure fit for most Android phones. Additionally, it supports 18W fast pass-through charging, enabling users to play and charge their phones simultaneously.

Precision and Control

Designed for precision, the ROG Tessen features console-grade joysticks with a 22-degree range of motion and an 18mm-tall right stick. The D-pad and face buttons utilize mechanical micro-switches, providing a tactile and responsive gaming experience.

For enhanced functionality, the controller includes two aluminum rear paddles that can be programmed using the ROG Button or through the Armoury Crate app. These paddles can be assigned to execute complex in-game commands, giving players a competitive edge.

The controller also boasts Asus Aura RGB lighting with seven preset effects, offering a customizable and immersive gaming environment. It features a 500 Hz polling rate for its wired USB Type-C connection, ensuring minimal input lag.

Customization and Eco-Friendly Design

Users can further customize the controller via the Armoury Crate app, which allows for button remapping, lighting effect configuration, and programming of custom functions such as screen capture and gameplay recording.

Asus has also prioritized eco-friendly practices in the design of the ROG Tessen. The packaging is made from sustainable materials, and part of it can be repurposed into a stand for the controller.

Asus ROG Tessen Foldable Mobile Controller Launches in China
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