Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2: AI, 3D Face Recognition, HyperOS & More

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2: AI, 3D Face Recognition, HyperOS & More

Xiaomi has introduced its newest smart door lock, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 Face Recognition Version. This enhanced lock comes with several innovative features, such as 3D structured light face recognition, AI smart peephole capabilities, and a noise-reducing automatic locking system. Let’s delve into its specifications.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 Specifications

The Smart Door Lock 2 employs 3D structured light face recognition technology, which uses invisible light to capture detailed facial features and generate a unique facial spectrum for secure access.

This contactless and automatic process eliminates the hassle of using keys or remembering passwords. It is suitable for all ages, including children who can’t reach high and adults with shallow fingerprints. Additionally, it has anti-counterfeiting measures to prevent unauthorized access using photos or videos.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 integrates a next-generation AI smart cat eye for remote door surveillance. This feature includes a 2.3 MP high-definition camera with a 160° viewing angle and AI human detection to reduce false alerts triggered by pets. It also offers micro-light full-color night vision for clear images in low-light conditions.

Multiple Unlocking Methods

Beyond face recognition, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 provides various unlocking options, including fingerprint, different types of passwords (fixed, virtual, temporary, and cycle), Bluetooth, emergency key, NFC card, Xiaomi phone, Xiaomi watch, and Xiaomi bracelet (optional purchases). This versatility offers users flexibility and a backup in case the primary unlocking method fails.

Noise Reduction and Connectivity

The lock features a self-developed noise reduction full automatic lock mechanism. This ensures the door locks automatically upon closing, removing the concern of forgetting to lock it. The design also includes noise reduction features to minimize sound during door operations.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 supports dual-protocol Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Users can receive notifications and manage settings remotely via the Mi Home app.

Additionally, the lock integrates with Xiaomi’s HyperOS Connect, allowing users to create automated scenarios based on door activity. For example, lights can be programmed to turn on when the door is unlocked, or curtains can close when the homeowner leaves.

Pricing and Availability

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 Face Recognition Version is now available for pre-order in China, starting at 1899 yuan (approximately $261).

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