Samsung Reportedly Delays Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra Indefinitely

Samsung Reportedly Delays Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra Indefinitely

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris is scheduled for tomorrow, with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 expected to take center stage. However, speculation has been rife about a thinner, potentially larger-screened version, the Z Fold 6 Ultra (or Z Fold 6 Slim). Today, a new leak indicates that the Fold 6 Ultra project may be on indefinite hold, dampening those expectations.

Details are limited, but the Ultra’s main attraction appeared to be its slimmer design compared to the standard Fold 6. This would have put Samsung in contention for the title of the world’s thinnest foldable phone, a title currently held by Honor’s Magic V2.

Competitive Landscape

Honor is gearing up to launch its Magic V3 foldable this month, which promises to be even thinner than the Magic V2. Likewise, Xiaomi is rumored to be developing the Mix Fold 4, which is also expected to have an exceptionally slim profile.

The absence of a Fold 6 Ultra launch might indicate that Samsung’s design for the device wasn’t thin enough to compete. Alternatively, the company may have chosen to allocate resources elsewhere. Regardless of the reason, this latest rumor suggests a missed opportunity for Samsung.

Market Dynamics

For years, Samsung has led the foldable phone market. However, recent reports indicate their market share is dwindling, particularly in light of aggressive innovation from Chinese manufacturers.

The forthcoming Z Fold 6 is rumored to feature only minor upgrades, which may not provide the level of innovation needed to retain market share.

Whether the Fold 6 Ultra’s delay is due to technical constraints or a strategic pivot by Samsung remains uncertain. But one thing is clear: the current wave of foldable phones seems to be driven by advancements from Chinese companies. This could serve as a wake-up call for Samsung, pushing them to enhance their foldable technology soon.

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