Xiaomi Introduces "Xiaomi Life" Brand with New Bags and Accessories

Xiaomi Introduces “Xiaomi Life” Brand with New Bags and Accessories

Xiaomi has introduced a new label, "Xiaomi Life," alongside its remarkable SU7 electric vehicle. This fresh initiative focuses on producing premium car accessories that align with the lifestyle of car owners. Enthusiasts can anticipate a range of products, including chic mugs, caps, functional bags, and more, to showcase their affinity for Xiaomi and the SU7.

Xiaomi Life Product Lineup

The brand has featured an array of items such as hats, mugs, and bags on its website, catering to diverse preferences and styles.

The unveiling of the "Xiaomi Life" brand in conjunction with the SU7 electric car appears to be a strategic maneuver to establish a lifestyle ecosystem around the automotive debut. This move not only fosters a sense of community among SU7 owners but also positions the car as a component of a modern, technology-driven image. By extending the Xiaomi brand experience beyond the vehicle itself, the company is setting the stage for future integrated car accessories, signaling ambitions beyond the realm of electric vehicles, smartphones, and consumer electronics.

Xiaomi SU7 Electric Vehicle Launch

Simultaneously, Xiaomi has officially introduced the SU7 EV today, generating much anticipation among fans. Available in three versions – Standard, Pro, and Max – the vehicle caters to various budgets and requirements. The pricing ranges from 215,900 yuan (US$29,900) to 299,900 yuan (US$41,500), with deliveries slated to commence in late April. The SU7 showcases collaborative design efforts, drawing expertise from former BMW and Mercedes-Benz designers. Noteworthy driver-assistance systems include Xiaomi Pilot Pro (comparable to Tesla) and Xiaomi Pilot Max (featuring lidar technology). City NOA, a city-centric pilot-assisted driving system, is scheduled for a nationwide release in May. Offering seamless connectivity with features like Apple CarPlay, each variant possesses distinct specifications – from the 700 km range and rear-wheel drive of the Standard model to the swift 2.78-second acceleration time and all-wheel drive of the top-tier Max variant. For further insights, refer to our detailed coverage of the Xiaomi SU7 launch.

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