Unfortunate Update: New iPad Air to Retain LCD Display

Unfortunate Update: New iPad Air to Retain LCD Display

iPad mini, iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro are the tablets offered by Apple, with the Pro model boasting the best specifications. Initially rumored to feature mini-LED technology, the 2024 12.9-inch iPad Air will now come with an LCD screen, as Apple has opted out of incorporating mini-LED displays in this model.

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) and a prominent analyst in the display industry, previously suggested that the 2024 iPad Air could sport a mini-LED panel. However, citing high manufacturing costs of mini-LED panels, he now reveals that the iPad Air will utilize an LCD panel instead.

Apple's Decision and Future Plans

Ross Young also hinted at Apple's plan to introduce a new iPad model equipped with a mini-LED display in late 2024. The specific model is yet to be determined—it might be a budget-friendly iPad Pro variant or an entirely fresh iPad series. While Apple is known to be developing a new iPad Air, detailed technical specifications remain undisclosed.

Mini-LED Technology Overview

Mini-LED display technology, known for enhancing contrast and providing deep black levels compared to LCD screens, falls short of the vibrant colors of OLED displays. By leveraging smaller LEDs for display illumination, mini-LEDs can deliver superior color accuracy. Although Apple integrated mini-LED panels in the 2021 iPad Pro, they have chosen not to include this technology in the iPad Air series due to its high production costs.

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