TikTok Global Youth Council: 15 Teens from Various Countries

TikTok Global Youth Council: 15 Teens from Various Countries

TikTok has announced the launch of a global Youth Council, aimed at enhancing online safety for teenagers worldwide. This initiative seeks to collaborate with experts in the field to develop a more secure and inclusive app environment. Recent studies have underscored the necessity for improved communication between adolescents and their parents regarding online safety practices. It was revealed that just half of teenagers in the UK engage in monthly discussions with their parents about online platforms, often sidestepping sensitive topics like body image concerns.

Youth Council's Focus on Teen Well-being

The newly formed Youth Council will play a pivotal role in shaping the Youth Portal and TikTok Reporting Tools. Centered on enhancing teen well-being, the council will offer valuable insights on features such as the Youth Portal and reporting mechanisms. Furthermore, TikTok has rolled out resources like the Safety Center, which furnishes guidance on issues like bullying and body image, reaching a substantial monthly audience of over a million individuals. In a bid to encourage parental participation, TikTok actively promotes Family Pairing to users above the age of 35 and is set to introduce more than 10 in-app media literacy campaigns by 2024.

Emphasizing Feedback for Enhanced Safety

A TikTok spokesperson emphasized the significance of soliciting feedback from teenagers and parents as a fundamental aspect of their safety endeavors. Members of the Youth Council expressed enthusiasm for collaboratively creating a safer app environment and fostering mutual understanding among users. Noteworthy experts such as Carolyn Bunting from Internet Matters view the Youth Council's contributions as vital in shaping strategies for online safety. The research findings further underscore the importance of educating both teenagers and parents about the existing safety tools available. TikTok aims to bridge this gap through in-app communications and the promotion of various media literacy initiatives.

Experts and stakeholders alike are optimistic about the potential impact of TikTok's Youth Council in bolstering online safety measures and fostering a more secure digital landscape for adolescents globally.

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