Surprise: iPhone 12 Now Supports Qi2 Wireless Charging with Software Update

Surprise: iPhone 12 Now Supports Qi2 Wireless Charging with Software Update

Apple’s most recent update to iOS 17.4, primarily related to compliance with the EU Digital Markets Act, has brought a pleasant surprise for iPhone 12 users. This new update now allows iPhone 12 models to be compatible with the advanced Qi2 wireless charging standard for the device.

Enhanced Wireless Charging Experience

Tests carried out by Macworld show that iPhones running on iOS 17.4 can now wirelessly charge at 15W, even when using a Qi2 charger that is not Apple’s certified MagSafe charger. The charging times between MagSafe and Qi2 chargers for the iPhone 12 were found to be quite similar in these tests.

Improved Charging Speed and Animation

Charging times for the iPhone 12 were notably close, with both MagSafe and Qi2 chargers taking around 20 minutes to reach 30 percent battery and 45-50 minutes to reach 50 percent. It is interesting to note that the phone now displays a 15W-only charging animation when connected to these chargers, a feature not officially mentioned by Apple in their release notes.

Advancements in Wireless Charging Technology

Previously, iPhone 12 users were limited to a charging speed of 7.5W on non-MagSafe Qi wireless chargers. This recent upgrade mirrors the improvements made for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 in December with the iOS 17.2 update. The Qi2 standard, known for its enhanced efficiency in wireless power transfer and magnetic alignment, shares similarities with Apple’s MagSafe technology.

More Freedom in Charging Options

This development presents iPhone 12 users with increased flexibility in wireless charging. With the support for non-MagSafe Qi2 chargers now providing the same rapid 15W charging speed, users have a broader range of charger options available without sacrificing performance.

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