Samsung Introduces Budget OLED TVs: S85D Series from $1,699.99

Samsung Introduces Budget OLED TVs: S85D Series from $1,699.99

Samsung has made a surprising entry into the OLED TV market with its S85D series, aimed directly at LG's dominance in the entry-level segment. The S85D series includes 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch models starting at $1,699.99. What's intriguing is that these TVs are speculated to feature LG Display panels, potentially signaling a shift in the competitive landscape.

Samsung's Utilization of LG Display Panels

Samsung has not confirmed the use of LG panels in their TVs but is instead emphasizing the NQ4 AI Gen2 processor to deliver an exceptional viewing experience. While these TVs may lack Dolby Vision, a feature found in LG's OLEDs, Samsung offers a unique advantage with a native Xbox cloud gaming app on their Tizen OS, a feature absent in LG's offerings.

Impressive Gaming Features and Display Quality

Gamers will be pleased with the 120Hz refresh rate available across all four HDMI ports, setting a high standard. Samsung opts not to mention quantum dots with the S85D series, focusing instead on "Pantone-validated colors" and the promise of "pure blacks and bright whites," hinting at the use of more cost-effective WOLED panels to meet their pricing objectives.

Strategic Move for Samsung

The S85D series appears to be a strategic maneuver by Samsung, providing an affordable entry point for OLED TV consumers while also fostering an unexpected collaboration within the industry. Given Samsung's historical focus on LED panels, this shift towards using LG panels may indicate potential innovations on the horizon.

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