Rumored Timeline Revealed for the Huawei Mate 70 Series Launch

Rumored Timeline Revealed for the Huawei Mate 70 Series Launch

Huawei Mate 70 Series Expected to Launch in September 2024

According to recent leaks, Huawei is said to be working on its next generation of flagship Mate series smartphones, which will likely be a part of the Mate 70 lineup. The Chinese tech giant had previously unveiled the Mate 60, Mate 60 Pro, Mate 60 Pro+, and Mate 60 RS Ultimate models. Now, a Weibo tipster called Smart Pikachu has shared some information regarding the Mate 70 series and its possible launch timeline.

Launch Timeline and Comparison with Apple iPhone 16 Series

Smart Pikachu claims that Huawei is planning on releasing the Mate 70 lineup in China in September 2024. This launch timeline aligns with the release of the Mate 60 phones. The tipster also mentioned that the upcoming Mate 70, Mate 70 Pro, and Mate 70 Pro+ models will be “stronger” than the Apple iPhone 16 series. This indicates that Huawei is looking to compete with Apple’s next-generation iPhones, which are expected to be released in 2024.

1-Inch Device in the Works

Aside from the Mate 70 series, Smart Pikachu also revealed that Huawei is working on a new 1-inch device. This suggests that an upcoming Huawei smartphone may feature a 1-inch sensor for its primary camera. It is speculated that this device could be a new addition to either the Mate or P series. Speaking of the P series, there have been rumors about the development of the Huawei P70 series as well.

Huawei P70 Series Rumors

Recent reports suggest that the Huawei P70 series is also in the development pipeline. Rumors indicate that the P70 may be launched in two different screen sizes. Furthermore, it is expected to come with a Sony IMX989 sensor for its rear camera and a 6.7-inch 1.5K quad curved OLED display for its front.

With these leaks and rumors, Huawei fans can look forward to the release of the Mate 70 series in September 2024, which is expected to bring significant improvements over its predecessors. Additionally, the possibility of a new 1-inch device and the development of the P70 series adds to the excitement for Huawei enthusiasts.

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