Motorola's Moto Buds Available in China This May with New Colors

Motorola’s Moto Buds Available in China This May with New Colors

Motorola is set to introduce its Moto Buds wireless earbuds line in China, with an anticipated release in May. While details on the availability of the Moto Buds+ remain uncertain, the company's official Weibo account has confirmed the launch of the standard Moto Buds featuring a broader range of color options. These wireless earphones have already been available on shelves in various markets for nearly a week.

Sleek Design and Powerful Sound

Both the Moto Buds and Moto Buds+ share a stylish design and are equipped with 12.4mm dynamic coils to deliver impressive sound quality. However, the distinguishing factor between the two lies in their noise cancellation capabilities.

Pricing and Specifications:

  • Moto Buds:
    • Price: 59 euros (approximately $63 USD)
    • Battery Life: Up to 9 hours on a single charge
    • Quick 10-minute charge adds 2 hours of playback
    • Available colors: starlight blue, glacier blue, coral peach, kiwi green

Enhanced Features with Moto Buds+

For users desiring more advanced functionalities, the Moto Buds+ present a compelling option. While awaiting official confirmation for the Chinese market, these earbuds feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, developed in collaboration with Bose, to effectively eliminate unwanted background noise. Moreover, the Moto Buds+ are compatible with Dolby panoramic sound effects on Motorola devices, offering an immersive auditory experience. These earbuds include active adaptive mode, which adjusts noise cancellation based on your environment, and transparency mode for hearing ambient sounds when necessary. Although the battery life slightly decreases to 8 hours on a single charge with the Moto Buds+, a rapid 10-minute charge still provides a respectable 3 hours of playback. The Moto Buds+ are available in the same attractive color options as the standard Moto Buds: starlight blue, glacier blue, coral peach, kiwi green.

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