Meizu Lipro E2 Smart Downlight Launch: Compatible with Xiaomi, Apple

Meizu Lipro E2 Smart Downlight Launch: Compatible with Xiaomi, Apple

Meizu has unveiled the Meizu 21 Note smartphone today, along with the Lipro Downlight E2 series of smart lights. The series includes two models: the E2 Air and the E2 Pro. Both models feature a wide beam angle of 58° and a golden ratio of UGR ≤ 13, enhancing the lighting effect and expanding the coverage area.

Features of Meizu Lipro Downlight E2 Series

These smart lights are designed to cover 94.86% of the sunlight spectrum. They offer Ra97 color rendering and support RG0 low blue light, effectively eliminating flicker entirely.

Despite their similarities, the two models have some differences. The Lipro Downlight E2 Pro features a 42mm deep light source and a customized anti-glare lens for precise light control and even distribution.

Smart Home Integration

The E2 Pro is compatible with the native Lipro smart home app and can also connect to other ecosystems such as Mijia, Matter, Xiaoai, and Apple, making it an attractive choice for a wider audience.

Meizu claims that its proprietary dimming algorithms can adjust brightness within a range of 0.01% to 100%.

Model Variants and Pricing

The Lipro Downlight E2 series is available in three power ratings: 7W, 9W, and 11W. Additionally, users can choose from three color temperature options: 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K.


The Lipro Downlight E2 Air starts at 119 Yuan, while the Downlight E2 Pro begins at 249 Yuan.

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