Baidu Apollo Unveils 6th Gen Robotaxi in Wuhan, Revolutionizing Driving

Baidu Apollo Unveils 6th Gen Robotaxi in Wuhan, Revolutionizing Driving

In a notable advancement for self-driving technology, Baidu Apollo has introduced its 6th Generation Robotaxi in Wuhan, representing a crucial milestone in the progression of smart mobility. This announcement was made by Yunpeng Wang, Baidu’s Corporate Vice President and President of the Intelligent Driving Group.

Key Features and Cost Reduction

The new launch highlights a significant reduction in unit cost, now priced at around RMB 200,000 (under $30,000), which is over 50% cheaper than the previous model. These savings facilitate large-scale deployment, with Apollo Go planning to introduce 1000 of the 6th Gen Robotaxis in Wuhan by 2024.

Fully Autonomous Operations

Running on Apollo Go, Baidu’s autonomous ride-hailing platform, these vehicles represent a shift towards fully autonomous transport. The system is supported by Apollo Go’s fully autonomous Robotaxi operation network in Wuhan, capable of handling all aspects of Robotaxi operations without human involvement. This innovation enhances efficiency while significantly cutting down operational costs.

Advanced Technology and Safety

The launch also introduces Apollo ADFM, the world’s first foundation model supporting Level 4 autonomous driving. Integrated into the 6th Gen Robotaxi, this model enables quick deployment of driverless operations in new cities within six months, promoting widespread use.

Additionally, the upgraded Apollo Self-Driving (ASD) intelligent driving software, based on Apollo ADFM, will be available on all Ji Yue vehicle models. This will allow users across the nation to experience intelligent driving wherever Baidu Maps is accessible.

Market Adoption and Safety

In terms of safety and market reach, Apollo Go’s service area in Wuhan now covers over 3,000 square kilometers, serving 7.7 million people, and has provided over six million rides nationwide. Impressively, Apollo Go has achieved over 100 million kilometers of travel without any major accidents as of April 2024, with each Robotaxi covered by RMB 5 million insurance.

With these innovations, Baidu Apollo is not just transforming the domain of autonomous transportation but also setting the stage for a safer, more efficient future in mobility.

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