iPad Pro Upgrade: M4 Chip Leap, Bypassing M3 Gen

iPad Pro Upgrade: M4 Chip Leap, Bypassing M3 Gen

Apple is gearing up for its upcoming event titled "Let Loose" on May 7th, where it is anticipated to unveil the latest iPad Pro lineup. While specific details are being kept confidential by the company, leaks circulating suggest that the new iPads will come packed with notable enhancements such as OLED displays, MagSafe charging support, and a performance uplift with the introduction of the M3 chip.

Potential Shift to M4 Chip

Insider Mark Gurman, in his recent Power On newsletter, hints at the possibility of Apple bypassing the M3 chip entirely and leaping straight to the M4 for the upcoming Pro iPads. If this speculation materializes, the forthcoming iPad Pro would mark the debut of Apple's M-series chip in devices. Gurman highlights that the upgraded Neural Engine of the M4 is expected to enhance the device's performance in AI-related tasks.

Emphasis on AI Capabilities

There is a likelihood that Apple will position the upcoming tablets as its "first truly AI-powered device," as per Gurman's insights. Nevertheless, detailed specifics regarding the new System on Chip (SoC) have not been disclosed yet.

Enhanced Features and Accessories

The overall design of the new iPad Pro is projected to maintain similarities with the current models, featuring two screen sizes: 11 inches and 12.9 inches. An exciting upgrade could be the integration of OLED displays. Moreover, Gurman hints at the introduction of an Apple Pencil with haptic feedback for the first time, potentially incorporating a Taptic Engine for vibrating feedback during tool transitions.

Additionally, a revamped keyboard accessory could be on the horizon, boasting a larger trackpad and an aluminum deck akin to a MacBook keyboard, aiming to provide users with a more premium experience.

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