Reverse Trike Design: Introducing the Sixthreezero Two Front Wheel Electric Bike

Reverse Trike Design: Introducing the Sixthreezero Two Front Wheel Electric Bike

Bicycle company Sixthreezero has recently unveiled their latest addition to the e-trike market, the Two Front Wheel Electric Bike. This innovative electric trike features a unique reverse trike design with two front wheels and a single rear wheel, providing a more stable and comfortable ride.

Innovative Design

The unusual design of the Sixthreezero e-trike required the company to develop a complex steering linkage arrangement to accommodate the two front wheels. Despite the additional complexity, Sixthreezero has managed to keep the cost of the e-trike affordable and even added a leaning mechanism for enhanced stability during turns.

Enhanced Performance

The Two Front Wheel Electric Bike is equipped with a pair of 16-inch wheels at the front, which helps to lower the center of gravity. The rear wheel, a 20-inch wheel, houses the trike’s powerful 750W electric motor, providing rear-wheel drive. This rear-wheel drive configuration sets it apart from the typical front-wheel drive design found in most e-trikes. With a top speed of 25.7km/h, this e-trike offers a faster ride compared to many other models on the market.

Electric Motor and Battery

The trike’s electric motor can be engaged using either a thumb throttle or pedal assist. It is powered by a 48v battery with a capacity of 500Wh, offering a claimed range of 64km on a single charge when using low-power pedal assist mode. However, the range decreases significantly at higher speeds.

Pricing and Availability

The Two Front Wheel Electric Bike by Sixthreezero is priced at $1,999, making it an exciting and affordable option in the e-trike market. The leaning feature and two-front wheel design provide greater stability, especially when navigating turns. Although the bike is currently available for pre-order, shipments are expected to begin in a few weeks according to the company.

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