Insta360 Flow Pro AI Stabilizer with Apple DockKit for $123

Insta360 Flow Pro AI Stabilizer with Apple DockKit for $123

Insta360 has introduced their latest mobile stabilizer, the Flow Pro AI, which comes with enhanced iPhone compatibility and advanced tracking capabilities. Starting at 899 yuan (approximately $123 USD), the Flow Pro features several improvements over the standard Flow model.

Apple DockKit Technology

A significant addition is Apple’s DockKit technology, which allows for effortless pairing with iPhones using NFC. This technology also supports native tracking within the iPhone camera app and compatible third-party iOS applications. This marks a first for a three-axis gimbal.

Flow Pro also includes a new tracking indicator light and extends its tracking abilities to offer 360° horizontal continuous tracking. Other features remain similar to the standard Flow, such as Depth Tracking 3.0 technology, one-step quick shooting, an integrated selfie stick, and a tripod.

Enhanced Battery and Control

The Flow Pro is designed to support phones weighing up to 300g and boasts a 10-hour battery life. It also includes built-in power bank functionality to charge your phone. The device uses a smart wheel control, making it simple to switch between various shooting modes like automatic, follow, pan-follow, and FPV.

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