qdc Launches Two New UC1 Type-C Headphone Cables from $80

qdc Launches Two New UC1 Type-C Headphone Cables from $80

The qdc UC1 Type-C headphone cable series has expanded with two new options. Users can now select between a 1.5-meter cable featuring a 0.78 pin connector or a 1.5-meter cable equipped with the standard qdc pin connector. Both new cables maintain the same functionality as the existing 1.8-meter qdc pin version.

Advanced Features

The cable is constructed using 4C silver-plated copper mixed material, ensuring high-quality signal transmission for clear audio. It eliminates the need for adapters by incorporating a universal Type-C connector, allowing seamless plug-and-play compatibility with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

To enhance the audio experience, the qdc UC1 Type-C cable includes a built-in USB audio decoder and DSP headphone tuning technology. This combination ensures superior sound quality, supporting high-resolution audio with sampling rates up to 192kHz and 16/24 bits. The headphone amplifier is specifically tuned for qdc headphones and offers impedance adaptation for optimal performance across the entire range.

Versatile Control and Communication

Equipped with a low-noise microphone, the cable allows for crystal-clear communication, making it ideal for calls, recording sessions, karaoke, and gaming. Three multi-function buttons enable convenient control over volume, music playback (pause/play, skip songs), and easy access to the previous track.

The qdc UC1 Type-C series offers three configurations, all available for 580 yuan each on the official website and flagship stores:

  • 1.8-meter cable with microphone and qdc pin (existing version)
  • 1.5-meter cable with microphone and qdc pin (new)
  • 1.5-meter cable with microphone and 0.78 pin (new)

Special Offer for Music Lovers

For those looking to pair their qdc headphones with a cable, there is a special offer available. When purchasing a qdc UC1 Type-C cable together with qdc headphones, any cable version is available for a reduced price of 380 yuan.

qdc Launches Two New UC1 Type-C Headphone Cables from
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