Insights Revealed by Former Meizu Executive on Upcoming Huawei Vision AR Headset

Insights Revealed by Former Meizu Executive on Upcoming Huawei Vision AR Headset

With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, the headset market received much-needed attention from the masses. The already mature market includes players like Meta, Vive, and Valve, and the entry of Apple made it more competitive. Amid all this, a former Meizu executive, Li Nan, and the founder of Numiao Technology sarcastically shed some light on the expected Huawei Vision AR Headset via his official Weibo Handle.

Huawei’s VR Headset Details

As per the post shared, Li Nan claims that Huawei is working on a VR headset that will feature the company’s self-developed chipset, which would offer such exciting performance that there would be “no delay” in spatial renders. The VR headset will come with a Sony 4K micro-OLED display, which is expected to ship to the Huawei manufacturing unit within the next 6 months. The same display is part of Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

Huawei’s VR headset will weigh around 350 grams, which is around half of the 600 grams measuring Apple’s Vision Pro.

Pricing and Availability

If we believe the story, then it would result in a great alternative to the Apple Vision Pro on the market. However, the pricing would be around 15000 Yuan, which roughly translates to ~$2100. We also expect it to be available for a lower price than Apple’s counterpart.

Huawei’s Previous VR Efforts

Huawei’s venture into VR is not entirely new, as the company introduced Vision Glass with a head-mounted display in 2021. It was bundled with a 1080P micro-OLED screen. This latest development aligns with Huawei’s previous efforts and its registration of the Vision Pro trademark back in 2019. Even some rumors state that Huawei is bringing its Mixed Reality headset.

Additionally, Apple may need to change the Vision Pro name in China, as Huawei already has the same name trademark in China.

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