Infinix GT Book Teaser: Explore Futuristic Laptop

Infinix GT Book Teaser: Explore Futuristic Laptop

A recent teaser released by Infinix unveils the company's plans for its GT branding, hinting at the development of various electronics. Among these products is the upcoming Infinix GT Book.

Infinix GT Verse: Diving into New Tech

The teaser was shared on X (formerly Twitter) and featured an image poster showcasing the Infinix GT 20 Pro alongside other gadgets. The standout item was the Infinix GT Book, an upcoming laptop that seems to adopt the Cyber Mecha design previously seen in the GT smartphone series, complete with RGB lighting.

Sneak Peek into Infinix GT Book

Additionally, the teaser reveals a pair of earbuds and a smartphone cooling fan. In a separate teaser, Infinix presented a brief video of the new laptop, hinting at some key specifications. The Infinix GT Book is designed with a slim body, weighing just 1.99 kilograms and powered by an Intel Core i9-13900H processor paired with an Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU.

This laptop will feature a 70Wh battery pack with a 190W power adapter and a 16-inch display offering a 120Hz refresh rate. To manage heat efficiently, it will be equipped with the ICE Storm 3.0 dual fan cooling system. Stay tuned for further updates as more information becomes available.

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