Xiaomi Unveils Baby Care Smart Camera with Privacy Features

Xiaomi Unveils Baby Care Smart Camera with Privacy Features

Xiaomi recently introduced its newest intelligent camera in the Chinese market, specifically tailored for parents with the "Baby Care Edition." This innovative device offers a comprehensive monitoring solution with smart functionalities, placing a strong emphasis on both peace of mind and safeguarding privacy.

Xiaomi Baby Care Edition Smart Camera Features:

The camera is equipped with cry, cough, and sound detection capabilities, promptly notifying parents of potential concerns. Users have the option to create virtual "play areas" within the Mi Home app, receiving alerts when their child enters or exits these specified zones.

Camera Specifications and Privacy Features:

This device presents two operational modes: local and online. The local mode prioritizes privacy by establishing a direct connection between the monitor and the camera without internet access, ensuring that images do not pass through the cloud. On the other hand, the online mode allows remote viewing via the Mi Home app, enabling parents to check on their baby from a distance.

The 5-inch display showcases a crisp 720p HD image with night vision capabilities, while the camera itself records in 2880 x 1620 resolution. Supporting dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz), it offers storage options like microSD card, NAS transfer, and cloud storage (requiring a paid subscription). Moreover, the device boasts a long-lasting 10-hour battery life.

Xiaomi has placed a strong emphasis on privacy in the camera's design. The camera angle is manually adjustable, preventing unintentional remote alterations. Users can designate specific areas within the Mi Home app as restricted zones, ensuring that sensitive spaces remain off-camera.

Additional Safety and Installation Features:

Aside from monitoring, the "Baby Care Edition" camera captures special moments as well. AI algorithms automatically detect smiles, creating delightful memory videos to help parents cherish their baby's milestones.

To enhance safety, the camera is designed with a robust stand and manual angle adjustment feature, preventing accidental remote changes and improving privacy and security. It includes safety measures like a built-in security chip for data encryption and has passed RoHS testing to ensure the materials are safe and non-toxic.

This smart camera supports various mounting options such as crib attachment, wall mounting, and desktop placement, offering flexibility to cater to different nursery setups.

Pricing and Availability:

The Xiaomi "Baby Care Edition" smart camera was initially available for crowdfunding and is now officially on sale on JD.com at a price of 769 Yuan ($106).

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