Huawei Mate 70 Series to Feature Super Core Kirin Chip

Huawei Mate 70 Series to Feature Super Core Kirin Chip

A recent leak hints at significant performance enhancements for the Huawei Mate 70 series, allegedly due to a new "super core" Kirin chip. This information comes from Weibo tipster @SmartPikachu, who suggests that the new Kirin SoC could propel the Mate 70 to the top tier in terms of performance.

Potential Core Configuration

The specifics of this "super core" remain undefined. Huawei might introduce a redesigned core configuration within the Kirin chip for the Mate 70. However, detailed information is not yet available.

Performance rumors surrounding the Mate 70 have circulated before. Previous leaks indicated a Kirin benchmark score surpassing 1.1 million points, possibly aligning it with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. Although details are vague, these leaks point towards a significant performance upgrade for Huawei’s upcoming flagship phones.

Launch Timing and OS

The tipster also suggests a possible launch timing conflict between the Mate 70 and the iPhone 16 series later this year. While an October or September release for the Mate 70 is not confirmed, it could lead to a competitive face-off between these tech giants when their respective devices launch.

Moreover, the Mate 70 series is rumored to be the first to feature Huawei’s new HarmonyOS NEXT operating system. This OS will completely drop support for Android apps. The platform already boasts over 4000 native apps from Chinese corporations and businesses, with that number expected to grow soon.

Production and Availability

Additional leaks indicate that Huawei is ramping up production for the Mate 70, aiming to increase stock by 40-50% compared to the Mate 60 series. However, these claims, along with the previously mentioned features, remain speculative until officially confirmed by Huawei.

Huawei Mate 70 Series to Feature Super Core Kirin Chip
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