Special Apple iPod Touch with Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider

Special Apple iPod Touch with Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider

We are all familiar with Ferrari's reputation for top-tier performance, striking aesthetics, and exclusivity. However, the 430 Scuderia Spider 16M limited edition showcases a distinctive feature - an Apple iPod Touch.

Ferrari's Unique Addition

Launched in 2008 to commemorate Ferrari's 16th Formula One Constructors' Championship victory, the 430 Scuderia Spider 16M provided a blend of open-air excitement, a robust engine, and captivating design. In contrast to typical Ferraris that emphasize focused driving experiences with minimal distractions, this exclusive model surprised enthusiasts with a bonus feature - a 16GB iPod Touch enclosed in an Alcantara leather case.

Varied Configurations

Interestingly, not every one of the 499 units of the 16M was equipped with the iPod Touch. Some vehicles were fitted with traditional Becker Cascade radios, aligning with Ferrari's traditional stance against in-car diversions. The iPod Touch was neatly integrated into the center console, predating the widespread adoption of Apple CarPlay. Ferrari, renowned for their driver-centric approach, has historically shied away from touchscreens, favoring physical controls on the dashboard. However, this stance has evolved in recent models such as the Roma and 812 Superfast, which now feature central touchscreens.

Legacy and Evolution

Despite Apple offering a 32GB iPod Touch at the time, the 16M was bundled with the 16GB variant, prompting some humor about Ferrari's thriftiness, especially given the car's substantial price tag of $313,350 (approximately ¥2.269 million). Another speculation suggests that Ferrari deliberately selected the 16GB version as a nod to the "16" in the car's name. As Apple phased out the iPod Touch in 2022 due to its functions being seamlessly integrated into the iPhone, this limited-edition Ferrari stands as a unique relic - a testament to a past era of in-car entertainment.

Special Apple iPod Touch with Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider
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