Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT UI leaks, drops native Android apps

Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT UI leaks, drops native Android apps

Huawei is quickly nearing the debut of their HarmonyOS operating system with the latest version, HarmonyOS NEXT, seen running on a Mate 60 device. A glance at its user interface hints at an update with fresh designs and notable internal modifications.

Changes to HarmonyOS NEXT

Image feeds shared on Weibo indicate a shift from supporting native Android apps in HarmonyOS' new version NEXT, away from supporting those hosted by both platforms - this may present difficulties to those used to using both simultaneously, particularly for apps with large amounts of local storage like messaging and note-taking tools.

Technical Enhancements Reports indicate that HarmonyOS NEXT may include a microkernel with Linux compatibility modules to provide Linux syscall support, according to reports. At Huawei's recent HarmonyOS Eco Thousand Sails Sailing Ceremony in Shanghai, developer preview for Milky Way Edition was made available, with plans for beta test programs beginning as early as Q2 and commercial release due out by Q4.

Future Prospects

Huawei has ample time to address concerns around app compatibility and data migration before its full release. They are engaging app developers to foster an ecosystem on HarmonyOS that encompasses over 5,000 applications from popular categories, offering incentives and training programs as a result.

Huawei's Mate 60 series with domestic Kirin processor and HarmonyOS has seen great success on the market, selling almost 1.5 million units within its launch month alone. Huawei's focus on China's smartphone market has proven fruitful; HarmonyOS captured 16% market share by Q4 2023 while also growing globally to compete against major players such as Apple.

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