HMD teases Project Fusion smartphone with modular accessories

HMD teases Project Fusion smartphone with modular accessories

HMD Global, which manufactures Nokia-branded smartphones, unveiled their Fusion concept at MWC2024.

The Fusion concept presents a modular phone setup featuring a base unit with attachable "smart outfits" to expand upon its capabilities.

Evolution of Modular Phones

Fusion follows in the footsteps of previous modular phone attempts such as Motorola's Moto Mods from 2016 and Jolla's Phone from 2014. While not revolutionary in any sense, Fusion follows similar efforts like Motorola Moto Mods from 2016 and Jolla Phone from 2014.

HMD Global has offered glimpses into possible accessory designs and development tools available for Fusion; however, details regarding its release remain scarce.

HMD Mobile is creating anticipation with social media teasers in Australia, Benelux and France as it works towards Fusion's release date.

The "Coming Soon" tagline accompanying this graphic suggests that initial Fusion phones could launch shortly in these regions.

Future Prospects

HMD will achieve success with Fusion by learning from past modular phone missteps.

Fusion's success depends upon providing users with engaging smart outfits, as well as guaranteeing a hassle-free user experience with its modular design.

HMD Fusion represents an exciting concept and could revolutionise phone customization; yet to prevent being lost to history's archives of smartphones, meticulous planning and flawless implementation must take place to avoid being forgotten about altogether.

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