Google Pixels to Receive February Update Including Latest Security Patch and Additional Features

Google Pixels to Receive February Update Including Latest Security Patch and Additional Features

Following the January 2024 update, Google has released the latest monthly update for Pixel smartphones and Pixel Watches. The February update is now available for various Pixel devices, including the Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, and the new Pixel 8 Series. Additionally, the monthly update for Pixel Watches is also rolling out. This update brings several changes and enhancements, which we will discuss in detail below.

Security Enhancements and Fixes

Based on the Android 14 QOPR1, the new update brings fixes and security enhancements for both Android-based vulnerabilities and specific issues on Pixel smartphones. The update includes fixes for a total of 15 security issues through the Android 14 February Security patch. Furthermore, there are camera improvements that enhance system stability and performance.

Upcoming Features for Pixel Smartphones

Google is also working on introducing new features for Pixel smartphones, which will be part of the upcoming Android 14 OPR2. The Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3.1 is already available for smartphones.

Changelog for Pixel Smartphones

Below is the official changelog for the Pixel smartphones, highlighting the changes included in the February 2024 update:


  • General improvements for system stability and performance in certain conditions

Display & Graphics

  • Fix for display getting corrupted in certain conditions
  • Fix for issue with outer display in certain conditions


  • Fix for stability or performance with certain third-party apps


  • General improvements for Wi-Fi stability and performance in certain conditions

Device Applicability

The fixes mentioned above are available for all supported Pixel devices unless otherwise indicated. Some fixes may be Carrier/Region specific.

Firmware Versions for Compatible Smartphones

The update is gradually rolling out to Pixel smartphones worldwide. It may take up to a week for each unit to receive the update as it is being rolled out in phases. Here are the firmware versions for each compatible smartphone, including the Verizon and Softbank locked versions:


Pixel 5a (5G): UQ1A.240205.002
Pixel 6: UQ1A.240205.002
Pixel 6 Pro: UQ1A.240205.002
Pixel 6a: UQ1A.240205.002
Pixel 7: UQ1A.240205.002
Pixel 7 Pro: UQ1A.240205.002
Pixel 7a: UQ1A.240205.002
Pixel Tablet: UQ1A.240205.002
Pixel Fold: UQ1A.240205.002
Pixel 8: UQ1A.240205.004
Pixel 8 Pro: UQ1A.240205.004


Pixel 7: UQ1A.240205.002.A1
Pixel 7 Pro: UQ1A.240205.002.A1
Pixel 7a: UQ1A.240205.002.A1
Pixel Fold: UQ1A.240205.002.A1
Pixel 8: UQ1A.240205.004.A1
Pixel 8 Pro: UQ1A.240205.004.A1

SoftBank (JP):

Pixel 7: UQ1A.240205.002.B1
Pixel 7 Pro: UQ1A.240205.002.B1
Pixel 7a: UQ1A.240205.002.B1
Pixel Fold: UQ1A.240205.002.B1
Pixel 8: UQ1A.240205.004.B1
Pixel 8 Pro: UQ1A.240205.004.B1

Pixel Watch February Update

All Pixel Watch devices are receiving the February 2024 update, which includes the latest security patch. This update primarily focuses on enhancing the system’s security and stability. The update will be available for all Pixel Watch devices starting today. However, this is the second update for Pixel Watches since the January 224 update.

In addition to the February update, Pixel Watch recently received a camera app update that introduced some new features. Google regularly pushes updates for Pixel Watch devices, similar to Pixel Smartphones.

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