Google Chrome Users in India Receive Urgent Security Warning from Indian Government

Google Chrome Users in India Receive Urgent Security Warning from Indian Government

Google Chrome, undoubtedly the world’s most popular web browser with a 66% market share. Many of us use this browser for various activities, from daily tasks to work. However, this popularity comes with its share of problems. A security vulnerability in a platform with millions or even billions of users jeopardizes not only individuals or companies but even the security of nations. For this reason, the Indian government has issued a high severity warning to Google Chrome users, advising them to promptly update their browsers due to multiple high-risk vulnerabilities. Here are the details…

Indian Government Alerts Chrome Users: Update Immediately to Close Vulnerabilities

CERT-In, the Indian government’s cybersecurity agency, has issued a “high severity” warning concerning various vulnerabilities found in Google Chrome. These security flaws, if exploited, may allow remote attackers to execute malicious code on a user’s computer. In other words, hackers could take control of systems or steal sensitive data.

The security advisory issued by CERT-In notes that remote attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities by persuading unsuspecting victims to visit specially crafted web pages. After visiting these pages, the security flaws will be triggered, allowing attackers to launch unnoticed attacks on unaware users.

This security vulnerability allows attackers to exploit memory errors in the Side Panel Search feature, potentially leading to arbitrary code execution or bypassing security measures.

Users should be cautious when browsing the internet, especially when visiting unfamiliar or suspicious websites. Avoid clicking on links from untrusted sources and refrain from interacting with unwanted emails or messages.

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