Different color options of stunning renders revealed in Huawei Pocket S2 leaks

Different color options of stunning renders revealed in Huawei Pocket S2 leaks

Huawei is set to expand its clamshell foldable smartphone lineup with the upcoming launch of the Pocket S2. Leaked renders have revealed the new color options that will be available for the device.

Huawei Pocket S2 Renders

Shared by tipster Fixed Focus on Weibo, the leaks showcase three distinct shades for the Pocket S2: Dark Purple, Rococo White, and Black. Each color option offers its own unique appeal, with Rococo White standing out due to its detailed, classic pattern that sets it apart from the plain textures of the Dark Purple and Black variants.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of the Pocket S2 retains the familiar dual circular modules on the back, with one housing a triple-lens camera setup accompanied by an LED flash, while the other serves as an external screen. This design element maintains continuity with its predecessor, the Pocket S, while introducing subtle changes in aesthetics, especially with the Rococo White variant. The aesthetics of the White variant bear a striking resemblance to the P60 series.

According to previous disclosures by DCS, we can expect additional color options such as Grey with a glass back and a Purple variant with a leather back.

Potential Launch Date

Leaks suggest that the potential launch date for the Pocket S2 is February 26th. Although Huawei has not officially confirmed this, the timing aligns with the company’s typical release cycle.

Internal Specifications

Leaks indicate that the Pocket S2 will feature a powerful Kirin 9000 5G chipset, an upgraded main camera, and a larger cover screen compared to its predecessor, the Pocket S. Exciting accessories, including a large-letter phone case, are also rumored to be in the works.

It is important to note that these are just leaks, and the official specifications may vary. However, they provide a glimpse of a foldable phone that combines style with high performance.

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