Don't Expect a Design Change with the iPhone 16 from Apple

Don’t Expect a Design Change with the iPhone 16 from Apple

The Only Design Change in iPhone 16 Will Be the Capture Button

Apple revealed the iPhone 15 series just a few months ago in September, but as usual, focus swiftly turned to the next model, the iPhone 16. Leaks about this upcoming smartphone are already surfacing, like the recent discussion about the Geekbench 6 Score of the A18 Pro, set to be featured in the iPhone 16. However, not all the news is good. According to Kuo, the iPhone 16 might lack significant design changes, except for the capture button. Here are the details.

Monitoring Apple closely, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo often predicts the company’s future moves. Known for accurate forecasts, Kuo shares both good and bad news. Unfortunately, his recent analysis falls into the second category, indicating that the iPhone 16 series won’t showcase any “significant design changes.”

“It is expected that Apple will not launch new iPhone models with significant design changes and the more comprehensive/differentiated GenAI ecosystem/applications until 2025 at the earliest,” wrote Kuo in a blog post today.

Apple is known for sticking to a consistent design, which has led to accusations of selling similar phones repeatedly. This year, the introduction of Dynamic Island on iPhone 15 and iPhone Plus diverted attention from such criticisms. However, if Kuo’s claims are correct, the company might face criticism again, as the only significant change seems to be the addition of a “capture” button.

The upcoming button is set to bring a noteworthy innovation to the iPhone. As you’re likely aware, the company recently unveiled an action button that enables users to assign tasks to the mute button. Now, the capture button is poised to become a significant enhancement for photo and video enthusiasts.

According to reports, users will be able to zoom in and out in the Camera app by swiping left and right on the button, focus with a light press, and start video recording with a more forceful press. It’s important to note that this information has not been officially confirmed.

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