Apple's Smart Glasses Revival? New Patent Hints Eyewear Hinge

Apple’s Smart Glasses Revival? New Patent Hints Eyewear Hinge

Apple might be giving new life to its smart glasses project, codenamed Apple Glass. Recent patent filings suggest a hinge mechanism tailored for eyewear, possibly for the speculated AR glasses. This development follows the release of the Apple Vision Pro, an advanced headset aimed at augmented reality experiences. Although the Vision Pro provides a robust AR solution, rumors indicate that Apple Glass may be targeting a different market segment.

The “Dual-Axis Hinge Mechanism” allows the glasses arms to fold in different ways

The patent details a “Dual-Axis Hinge Mechanism” enabling the glasses’ arms to fold and unfold in multiple ways. This includes a broader-than-usual open position, potentially benefiting users with larger heads or enhancing durability when the glasses are being opened.

The design also emphasizes protecting the glasses’ electronic components, whether folded or in their regular open position. Furthermore, the hinge locks into specific positions and provides a comfortable “clamping force” to accommodate different head shapes.

Cables routed through the hinge

Another notable aspect is the mention of cables running through the hinge, possibly to connect speakers in the earpieces or other components located on the arms. This strengthens the notion of a glasses-like design instead of a head-worn device like the Vision Pro.

It’s crucial to note that patents don’t ensure a product will ever be released. However, this filing offers a peek into Apple’s R&D activities, indicating they might be revisiting the smart glasses idea with an emphasis on comfortable wearability and a potentially more streamlined design.


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