Apple Pencil Pro Launches: New Abilities & Find My Support

Apple Pencil Pro Launches: New Abilities & Find My Support

Apple has unveiled its latest generation iPad Air and iPad Pro models along with the introduction of a new stylus called the Apple Pencil Pro. This upgraded stylus offers enhanced features, making it an attractive option for creative professionals.

New Features of Apple Pencil Pro

The Apple Pencil Pro maintains a similar design to its predecessor, featuring a matte finish and a flat side that can magnetically attach to the side of compatible devices such as the new iPad Pros with M4 processors and the iPad Air M2.

Enhanced Functionality

Building on features from the previous model, the Apple Pencil Pro offers pixel-perfect accuracy, low latency, tilt and pressure sensitivity, wireless charging and pairing, hover capabilities, and double-tap functionality for changing tools. A new addition is the Squeeze feature, enabling users to execute actions like adding shapes or accessing the color palette by squeezing the stylus.

Advanced Technology Integration

Equipped with a new gyroscope, the Apple Pencil Pro allows users to rotate the barrel to adjust the orientation of the pen and brush tool, enhancing control and mimicking a pen-and-paper experience. The inclusion of a Hover feature enables users to preview where the pencil will mark for increased precision, while a custom haptic engine provides feedback based on stylus usage.

The Apple Pencil Pro includes integration with Apple's Find My network for easy location in case of misplacement, offering peace of mind to users.

The Apple Pencil Pro is now available for pre-order at a price of $129 (~Rs 11,900).

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