Apple Patents Interactive Digital Stone for AR and More

Apple Patents Interactive Digital Stone for AR and More

Apple enthusiasts, the future may bring some interactive "pebbles"! The US Trademark and Patent Office has disclosed a new Apple patent for a "digital stone" intended to work with the Vision Pro headset.

Potential Features

This digital stone could be a compact, handheld gadget, about the size of a pebble or coin. It may feature a touch-sensitive display for user interaction and visual information, alongside built-in microphones for voice commands and speakers for audio feedback. The patent also hints at capabilities such as location tracking and tactile feedback through vibrations.

Versatile Uses

The functionalities of this digital stone appear to be quite diverse. Envision it as a voice-activated assistant to manage your smart home or access various applications. It could also function as a remote control for your speakers, lights, or even kitchen appliances. The patent suggests its potential use as an anchor or marker within augmented reality or virtual reality settings. Even more fascinating, this device could connect and interact with a variety of electronics like headphones, speakers, smartphones, laptops, and more.

While the comprehensive set of features is yet to be fully disclosed, the patent hints at a highly adaptable tool that could change the way we engage with technology in the years to come.

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