Report: Apple developing two prototypes of foldable iPhones

Report: Apple developing two prototypes of foldable iPhones

Apple is reportedly in the early stages of developing foldable smartphone prototypes, according to recent reports from The Information. While a foldable iPad is expected to be released before a foldable iPhone, Apple is said to be exploring the idea of foldable iPhones that are only half as thick as current models.

Foldable iPhone Prototypes

The foldable iPhone prototypes are said to resemble the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip models in design. Apple is aiming to create a foldable iPhone that doesn’t look too thick when closed, and is considering adding an outward screen. However, engineers are facing challenges with components such as batteries and displays, making it difficult to meet these goals.

Despite the challenges, Apple has reportedly discussed ordering components with Asian manufacturers for two different sizes of foldable iPhones. However, the project may be scrapped if it doesn’t meet Apple’s standards.

Foldable iPad

On the other hand, Apple is said to be focusing on developing a foldable iPad with an 8-inch screen, similar to the size of an iPad mini. The larger form factor allows for a thicker design and fewer durability concerns. However, the primary challenge for Apple is to eliminate the crease that forms with repeated folding, in order to create a completely flat screen for seamless interaction and Apple Pencil use.

It’s unclear whether Apple has found a solution to this issue yet. As a result, it seems that Apple’s foldable devices are still a few years away from becoming a reality.

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