Xiaomi to Launch Smallest 120W Charger: A Game-Changer

Xiaomi to Launch Smallest 120W Charger: A Game-Changer

Most of Xiaomi's smartphones now feature rapid charging capabilities, with 67W charging becoming the norm for their midrange devices. Despite this advancement, the charging adapters included in Xiaomi phone packages are typically bulky.

Xiaomi's Latest Innovation: 120W GaN Charger

Xiaomi recently unveiled a compact 67W charging brick that caters to all Xiaomi phones compatible with 67W charging. Now, the company is gearing up to launch a compact 120W charging adapter, leveraging Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology to deliver 120W power in a remarkably small package.

Sneak Peek at the 120W Charging Adapter

Although Xiaomi has not officially introduced the 120W compact charger, a preliminary image was shared by a Weibo account named "Harvey_浩浩." While there hasn't been an official announcement from Xiaomi regarding the new 120W GaN charging adapter, Harvey suggests that it will be unveiled at a special event in China.

Evolution of Xiaomi's Chargers

Xiaomi had earlier introduced a 67W GaN charger, significantly reducing the adapter's size. By comparing both the 67W standard adapter and the 67W GaN charging adapter, users can appreciate the difference in design and efficiency. If the image shared by Harvey accurately reflects Xiaomi's final design for the 120W GaN charger, consumers can anticipate a similarly impressive size reduction. It is indeed remarkable to witness a power brick capable of delivering 120W in such a compact form factor. Initially, Xiaomi plans to launch this adapter in China.

Xiaomi to Launch Smallest 120W Charger: A Game-Changer
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