Xiaomi SU7 Super Power-Saving Mode - Details

Xiaomi SU7 Super Power-Saving Mode – Details

Xiaomi Auto recently hosted an interactive "Q&A program" session for user inquiries about their Xiaomi SU7 electric car. In this interactive forum, they highlighted its emphasis on long distance travel by unveiling an innovative Super Power-Saving Mode designed to extend battery life when estimated range falls below 50km, prompting them to activate this mode for longer journeys if their estimated range dips below that point; additionally they can choose whether or not manually activate or deactivate this function according to individual need.

Super Power-Saving Mode Details

The Super Power-Saving Mode helps drivers reduce power consumption by setting various limits to speed, acceleration and air conditioning performance. Furthermore, comfort features like heated seats, steering wheels, ambient lighting and heated mirrors may be temporarily disabled to conserve energy more effectively.

Energy Conservation Features

As part of its efforts to conserve energy further, Super Power-Saving Mode temporarily disables intelligent driving assistance, parking features, entertainment systems and the car refrigerator - but users needn't worry as the mode will automatically deactivate once your estimated range exceeds 300km - also giving drivers flexibility in temporarily overriding speed limits for short intervals if required.

Monitor And Alert Drivers

An integral component of the SU7 is a camera located between its steering wheel and instrument screen to monitor driver attentiveness. This camera actively detects signs of fatigue or distraction such as closed eyes, head movements or phone usage which trigger voice alerts and on-screen notifications to remind drivers to focus on driving safely ahead. Xiaomi ensures users that its driver monitoring system strictly analyzes behavior within their own vehicle without recording or transmitting externally stored image data; users who prefer not receiving fatigue/distraction alerts can easily opt-out via central control screen settings of their car/camera setups - giving drivers peace of mind behind the wheel!

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