Xiaomi Rushes to Meet SU7 Demand, Offers Pre-Order Adjustments

Xiaomi Rushes to Meet SU7 Demand, Offers Pre-Order Adjustments

Xiaomi is providing customers who pre-ordered a standard edition Xiaomi SU7 the opportunity to tailor its configurations - in response to overwhelming pre-order demand which exceeded production capacity.

Users have 24 hours beginning April 19th from 9:00 AM onwards to make modifications to their preorders via Xiaomi Car App and modify customization options, variant selection or other variant changes for their SU7s preorders using this window of opportunity. Should any successful modifications occur, adjustments will be made to production plans as well as estimated delivery dates will be revised as necessary.

Addressing Production Concerns

Xiaomi recently unveiled an initiative designed to address production bottlenecks. Xiaomi notes that their car factory is running at full capacity, working closely with supply chain partners for timely deliveries of existing orders as well as streamlining future ones to ensure an uninterrupted process and streamline future orders.

Rising Popularity

Since SU7's debut, its pre-orders have exceeded 100K within days of launch with confirmed orders exceeding 40k orders placed so far. According to founder Lei Jun, these figures show unprecedented customer excitement for this model.

Initial reports suggested Xiaomi had requested suppliers increase production to 10,000 vehicles per month with particular emphasis placed on increasing high-end model production.

Original plans aimed to reach monthly production of 3,000 vehicles by March 2024; following this goal with sales exceeding expectations leading to monthly production between 4,000-5,000 in April before finally stabilizing at 6,000 by the end of the year. Unfortunately due to increased customer demands adherence would require extended delivery times.

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