Google Pixel 9 Series: Satellite Communication with Samsung Modem

Google Pixel 9 Series: Satellite Communication with Samsung Modem

Google plans on making waves with their Pixel 9 series by including an innovative satellite communication feature - connecting via 5G non-terrestrial networks for emergency messages without cell coverage. Rumor has it that this groundbreaking addition may include Samsung Modem 5400 for 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN), providing connectivity and emergency message sending capability across space.

Satellite Communication For Emergency Services

Emergency Communication Through Satellite is available via EASB Satellite Communication Service for emergency services personnel in emergency situations.

According to reports, T-Mobile will initially offer this service using SpaceX's Starlink network for direct cell connectivity. While users will still have the capability to send emergency text messages in case of emergencies, voice calling may not initially be supported.

SpaceX recently received approval from the FCC to expand their Starlink testing nationwide, conducting trials in multiple states as well as preparations for international trials. After successfully piloting its cellular Starlink service using various smartphones such as those featured by Google Pixel line last March, this innovative feature can now go forward nationwide and globally.

Advancements In Satellite Connectivity

Google and AST SpaceMobile joined forces in February in a strategic move that sought to enhance satellite connectivity on Android devices. Through this partnership, a joint investment of $110 million from Google, AT&T, and Vodafone into AST SpaceMobile -- an orbiting space-based cell tower company -- took place.

Android 15 developer preview provides enhanced support for satellite roaming, providing a smooth user experience across a variety of satellite connectivity scenarios. Google strives to enable satellite connectivity not just within native applications but also third-party messaging platforms.

Future Prospects of Pixel Fold And Beyond: Pixel Fold

Reports indicate that satellite connectivity will also be integrated into Google's upcoming Pixel Fold series of phones, expanding this innovative technology's reach across its portfolio of products.

Google Pixel 9 Series: Satellite Communication with Samsung Modem
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