Xiaomi MIJIA N1 5L Air Fryer Launched with Larger Capacity for $27

Xiaomi MIJIA N1 5L Air Fryer Launched with Larger Capacity for $27

Xiaomi has introduced the MIJIA Air Fryer N1 5L in the Chinese market. This new model boasts a substantial capacity, sufficient to accommodate an entire chicken. The interior of the air fryer is constructed from metal, capable of withstanding high temperatures, and is both easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.

Advanced Heating Technology

The Xiaomi MIJIA Air Fryer N1 5L features both a frying basket and a pot basket made from food-grade non-stick materials, ensuring durability and safety during use. It utilizes three-dimensional circulating heating technology to optimize the air frying process. Equipped with double-wing spiral fan blades and a 3D cyclone frying basket, it facilitates 360-degree circular hot air circulation. This design ensures heat penetrates the core of the food, cooking it evenly without the need for turning.

Adjustable Temperature and Time

The air fryer comes with a temperature and time control knob, allowing users to customize settings to their specific needs. It offers a temperature range of 80ºC to 200ºC, catering to a variety of cooking requirements.

Enhanced Cooking Features

The MIJIA Air Fryer N1 provides a quick and crispy finish to air-fried foods. It also includes a new micro-steam tender roasting mode, enhancing its functionality. The water injection area at the bottom of the frying basket can swiftly generate steam, creating a water film on the food’s surface. This feature ensures that roasted meats are tender and juicy.

The Xiaomi MIJIA Air Fryer N1 5L is available for purchase on Chinese retail platforms like JD.com, priced at 199 yuan ($27). Currently, there are no details regarding its global availability.

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