Xiaomi Crowdfunds Beon X3 Pet Air Purifier with Hair Absorption Tech

Xiaomi Crowdfunds Beon X3 Pet Air Purifier with Hair Absorption Tech

The Beon X3 Pet Air Purifier is now featured on Xiaomi Youpin, marking the start of its crowdfunding campaign. This air purifier is packed with features that will appeal to pet owners. It offers functionality for hair removal, deodorization, and the sterilization and disinfection of the pet’s surroundings. The Beon X3 Pet is specifically designed to safeguard delicate furry pets and their owners.

Health and Hygiene Benefits

This purifier aims to keep pets not only fresh but also healthy by preventing the buildup of harmful viruses like herpes and calicivirus, which are common among pets. These viral infections spread quickly and are highly contagious, leading to various inflammations and health issues, including loss of appetite. Compared to ordinary disinfection methods, the Beon X3 Pet purifier delivers powerful performance. It boasts Beon’s patented super-energy ionization field, which effectively eliminates various bacteria and viruses in the air. It can also interrupt the virus transmission chain, preventing airborne virus spread.

Allergen and Hair Control

The super-powered ionization field can also capture allergens present in pet hair particles, providing protection for individuals who are typically allergic to pet hair. The upgraded pet filter offers strong absorption of floating hair during shedding season, keeping it from littering the house. The primary filter features finer and denser mesh spacing, capable of catching both hard and soft floating hair—a major highlight of the Beon X3 Pet purifier.

Odor Removal and Additional Features

Equipped with a deodorizing catalytic filter, the Beon X3 Pet helps remove odors and refreshes the air in the house, particularly when there is pet excrement. It can quickly refresh the air within 3 minutes, maintaining continuous freshness. The gadget also includes a special bracket cat plate, allowing a cat to perch and survey its territory. With a low-noise operation, the X3 Pet does not disrupt the quietness of the environment.

Pricing & Availability

The Beon X3 Pet comes with several other features and accessories, including app support. It is currently available on the Xiaomi Youpin platform, priced at 1,899 yuan ($261).

Xiaomi Crowdfunds Beon X3 Pet Air Purifier with Hair Absorption Tech
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