New Leak Reveals Huawei Vision S5 Pro Pricing

New Leak Reveals Huawei Vision S5 Pro Pricing

Huawei’s Vision S5 Pro is anticipated to be launched in July this year. Earlier in April, the company introduced the Vision S5. Reports indicate that the Vision S5 Pro will be available in three sizes and the highest pricing could reach 10,999 Yuan (~$1,500).

Huawei Vision S3 Pro

The 86″ model of the Vision S5 Pro is expected to match the price of its predecessor. This information comes from a Weibo tipster (Chinese microblogging site) known as 看山的叔叔. According to the tip, the prices for the 65″, 75″, and 86″ models will likely be 5999 Yuan, 7999 Yuan, and 10999 Yuan respectively, after discounts. The first two sizes are priced 500 Yuan higher than the Vision S3 Pro, while the 86″ model will retain the same price.

The Vision S5 Pro is set to be released shortly. It will feature the Lingxi remote control function and an enhanced speaker setup.

Product Lineup Overview

For those unfamiliar, Huawei released the Vision S3 Pro in April last year in three sizes: 65″, 75″, and 86″. This TV is equipped with a dual-core processor, offering improved computing power for better picture quality and gaming experiences. The Vision S3 Pro includes an AI camera that can detect human body movements and offers several useful features based on this capability.

Expected Specifications

Details about the Vision S5 Pro’s specifications are still scarce. The Vision S3 Pro’s chipset includes Cortex A73 cores with a clock speed of 1.5GHz and features an independent NPU unit, known as the AI Vision chip, that provides 1.0TOPS AI computing power. It’s likely that the Vision S5 Pro will also include some AI functionalities.

New Leak Reveals Huawei Vision S5 Pro Pricing
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